2012 London Olympics?

Question:It is one of my dreams to take part or at least take my training to my physical peak for the olympics.I have always been very good at sports and have wondered since my secondary school days if i could ever gain a medal or be selected to represent my country.

I woud like to ask your advice on how i could get into a serious training regeime which will lead up to the 2012 olympics or what steps i should take to try and get closer to my dream ?!?.


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first of all it depends on the event you want to do. Many olympic caliber athletes do not have jobs because they train 8-10 hours aday. You being an amature right now would need to change your whole lifestyle more than anything. First of all put evreything else in your life aside for a few years while in heavy training. Eating is a big thing to, a healthy diet is almost required. (me I eat proteins shakes to hold over through the day for breakfeast, a turkey sandwich and powerbar for lunch while a light salad for dinner). If after a year or two you feel you want to continue you must take it to the next level. Travel the country and find meets to compete in so you gain experience. You dont want to go into the trials never competing in major competition. Good luck to you and mayby we will compete against each other at london

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you need to choose a sport for a start, the majority of people who will be attending 2012 will already be champions in their chosen sport possible in a youth catergory - your a bit late really!

best of luck

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Take lots of drugs!
Otherwise, most of the athletes for the 2012 will have already been selected (I know it's a long way away).
Good luck though....!

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Train hard, make smart choices about your life + your time + your sport + your ambitions & have faith in your ability. If you don't believe you can win, you shouldn't be competing

Go to the nearest club for whichever sport it is that you'll pick, train hard, and I'll see ya at 2012 OG ;-)

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