Can anyone tell me how to get my full in gymnastics?

I am a desterate gymnast. All of the girls that are on my level can do a full. But I still have problems. Please help!


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First, and most obvious of all, make sure your layout is in top form. Once you feel you are getting enough hight with a good body position, then start working a half on a trampoline first. Set just like you would for the layout, and then bring your arms into your chest and twist hard in the direction you want. Make sure your pulling your toes around, and not just your chest. Gradually work your way up to the full.

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well even tho im only a level 4 gymnast myself, there are a lot of older girls at my gym. Ive seen them doing their full and i have some tips:
u have to stay tight and hollow
u have to make sure that your moves before your full are just right and thats all the tips i have for u

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