"should the U.S government subsidize our Olympic teams?"?

just trying to get people's view


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No and two reasons come to mind: first, if the government puts money into the Olympics, they will want to have a larger say in its running and I think the government often screws things up - the too many cooks analogy - OSHA wanting blunt javelins or the Labor Dept dictating how many hours an athlete can train or the courts getting involved with civil rights cases - not enough black or asian or women or Muslim or white male coaches, trainers, watercarriers, athletes. Second, I don't want my tax money spent on this trival entertainment when there are real needs for these funds. Better pay for our troops, more money for the Center for Disease Control to help them keep us safe from illnesses, repair of intrastructure nationwide.
And I love the Olympics but keep the government out of it.

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no. these guys (and girls) make plenty of money by corporate sponsorship. I don't think the taxpayers need to chip in too.

Are winter olympics part of olympics?

No they should not, there are more important things to be spending our tax dollars on than to send spoiled little kids to another country to have fun.

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It would be a better use of government money than some of the things they use it on

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Why not? Some sports are the "darlings" of the Olympic games, and seem to get the most dollars because of it. Maybe more athletes would be able to try out and make the teams for lesser known sports with some government sponsorship.

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