Are you a friend or relative of anyone who has been in the Olympics?

Question:What Sport?

What Year and Location?

Any additional information you would like to share.


Why is Bode Miller doing so bad in the olympics?



nope... not me... maybe a another person

Should i be in the Winter Olympics or the Spring Olympics?

no,sorry I dont

In the late 70ss early 80s was there not a record of 22 ft set ?

Tom Dolan is an aquaintance of mine. He is a great swimmer and a nice guy. Very down to Earth with wonderful parents.

How old is too old for Gymnastics?

I used to clean a lady's house who ran in the Olympics in the 90's. She was from Boise Idaho. She had a really hairy husband who couldn't hit the toilet if his life depended on it and she ate nicorette gum like it was going out of style. I signed privacy agreements so I can't disclose anything else.

Should we abolish the PanAmerican games and install the Latin American games in the place?

1992 Barcelona,

John Markovski, Striker for the Australian team, scored the winning goal against Sweden to put us in the Semi finals, which we subsequently lost. He is a good friend of mine.

1968 Mexico City,

Peter Norman's wife ran at the Veteran athletic club where my Grandfather ran. Peter Norman sadly passed away last week.

What are Indias medal prospects at beijing olympics?

Tom Hill - Silver medal 1972 110m hurdles in Munich.

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