Britain CONKERS the world.?

It official. No one but no one can beat us Brits at conkers. world champions at something at last. NOT EVEN THE GREAT SPORTS NATIONS, The U.S.A ,China or Russia can touch us. Should conkers be added to the Olympic games so we could win some medals ? Any other crap thing that only Britain is good at ?


If you could be a gold medalist in any olympic event what would you pick?


I am sure we could also excel at pub and street brawls, drunken and disorderly behaviour, teenage pregnancies, releasing people from jail early and many, many more things that make this country the truly great place that it is!

.Who is frank Fredrick in African athletics?

Yes and with no string attached

I just turned 13 so is it to late for me to start gymnastics even if i have had a little bit of experience?

That would be totally awesome...professional conkers players signing autographs. We're good at queuing.

When does olympics begin?

Lol! Sorry, just a DA Yank here.

What the heck is Conkers?

My friend is worried about how to increase his 400m time. What can i do to help him?

Absolutely! I have a horse chesnut tree in my garden. I could make a mint equipping the national conker team! I would even allow Nike to put their swoosh on my conkers if they wish. (Oooo...sounds a bit rude!)

The only problem is that they would have to schedule all competition prior to about 4:00pm so as not to go past the athletes' bedtimes!

Does it help covering your body in plastic when,for example running/?

Nut's...its all NUTS do ya hear !

What events did Carl VanLoan( olympic person) compete in?

Britain's really good at ales and fish & chips. They're not sports, but pub crawling certainly takes skill and endurance.

I hope I can get selected to be on the US Team so they'll fly me over there for training...

Why werent women allowed to participate or compete in the ancient greek olympics?

Yes absolutely. I love conkers, my kids do too, lets carry on the tradition!!

Do you do gymnastics?

wow I really think it should! I don't know if you're joking but I'm not! seriously someone should start a petition to get conkers added to the olympics by 2012! guarantee some medals or the host country! great idea.
oh and can I join the team? I'm Irish but what the hey, I've got English nationality as well, so, please?

Who can tell me some thing about Liu Xiang?

Tossing the caber, does anybody else do that? Then there is darts, shove ha'penny and the Mud Race (as practiced in Maldon).

What 'sport' do you think should be removed from the summer olympics?

The olympics are at the wrong time of year for conkers so they couldn't be added to the list of sports.

Scotland won the Elephant Polo world Cup last time round.

Who was the first Indian to win an international title in badminton abroad?

Is there really a question here or is this just someone taking a hackneyed jibe at the supposed lack of sporting credibility of Britain?
For the record, there is no country on planet Earth with a greater number of sporting world champions across more sports as a ratio of its population than Great Britain. We have gifted the world many of its most popular sports including some that are almost impossible to believe e.g. skiing was invented by the British. Nor is there a single sport that I know of that isn't represented at the highest levels by the British.
People who run down the efforts of others are bad enough at the best of times but when they do it without even a vestige of truth behind their ridicule, it's really cheap.

What happens if the snow is too unreliable for some Winter Olympic events?

i'm really surprised the Health & Safety nazis didn't get the event cancelled or make everyone wear a hard hat, safety goggles & gloves. :-D

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