Britain CONKERS the world.?

It official. No one but no one can beat us Brits at conkers. world champions at something at last. NOT EVEN THE GREAT SPORTS NATIONS, The U.S.A ,China or Russia can touch us. Should conkers be added to the Olympic games so we could win some medals ? Any other crap thing that only Britain is good at ?


Why did the modern Olympics choose to have gold, silver, and bronze as their medals?

how sad is that?conkers Oh please!

How many judges are involved in the Triple Jump event?

o yes

Which was the firts asian country to host the olympics?korea..,japan..or china?

Chav beating contest?

Does anyone think that Chicago's proposed Olympic stadium in Washington Park could be a liability?

probably tiddlywinks

What do the rings used in the olympics represent?

Yeah conkers

Where can i find a cheap gymnastics gym?

the Scottish can toss the caber

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