Back handspring in 6 months?

Question:Well im trying out for my school cheerleading team next april, which is basically 1 year from now. im going to sign up for tumbling & my tution only last for 6months.
so im wonder could i learn multiple back handsprings (flip-flops) within that 6month period.
& is it possible that i could even learn a layout by that time?

yes back handsprings are manditory for the squad.
& please no negative comments, if you don't like cheerleading, im okay that you feel that way, but please don't slopp your negativity on me.



yes it's possible. i took gymnastics for a few months when i was in elementary school... now I am in college and I took a month long intensive gymnastics course and learned to land back hand springs and front tucks and stuff. we conditioned 5 days a week for 3 hours a day bc it was meant to be an intensive course but if you've got a year to do it, you can for sure.

Something that helps: stretch every morning and every night if you can. It can speed up your flexibility!! I did that since it's been so long since I has flipped at all. And we ran and lifted some weights to improve overall strength.

Good luck. and not all cheerleading haters are negative lol I don't exactly like cheerleading but if you do, go for it. have fun!!

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Ask you gym teacher! Be careful - if you do those without the proper strength and training, then you could risk SERIOUS injury. Try and learn them at the gym where there are mats, spotters and other supports to help you. Good luck!

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Yes, it's very possible!!

First, DEVELOP the basics! You cannot do a back handspring if you aren't able to do a back somersault on the FLOOR for one. Also, I wanted to learn this for the LONGEST time but I didn't FEEL ready (believe me, it's scary to spring backwards!!) till I was able to do a backflip on the trampoline.

If you have a trampoline it helps a LOT. Also inform your coach at the gymnastics class your GOALS! If the coach knows what you're working towards s/he will be best able to help you instead of just teaching you generals. If anything that 6 months could be focused on working on only what you REALLY need to know. it depends. Some coaches are very flexible. Maybe private tutoring (I know it's expensive, so just try to do it once or twice if you can and also meet with people outside of class that can SPOT you or talk to the coach real quick after class)... every little bit helps!!

Practice, a lot. Read tutorials online (google "how to do a back handspring)... but don't take them as 100% truth. They should help.

EVERYTHING helps, but I know from personal experience it helps to start slowly (work up) and believe me, when I say "slow" it may not even be that slow!!

My trampoline helped SOOO MUCH with confidence. So I 100% recommend you get one. Some may be found free on craigslist or go to a friend's who has one.

Good luck!! :) And remember, don't hurt yourself! Be careful and have fun! :)

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You can, if you work hard at it. Like everyone says, develop the basics first. Also, don't get frustrated. It may take longer than you think, or you may get it right off the the bat. If you're in good physical shape, than you will probably get it fairly quickly. If not, than it will probably take longer than someone who is. If you don't already, eating healthy will make it a lot easier on your body. I'm not saying ban junk food completely, just eat a fruit a day. If your classes are just an hour long, than it might take longer to get a back handspring than it would if you went longer. Then again, you may not even get the skill. You probably will, but I know this girl who has been in tumbling classes for 2 years now and she still can't do a back handspring by herself. This is really rare, but I'm just saying this in case you don't get it, which I doubt you won't. (I mean, I doubt you won't get it.) I hope this helps, and good luck!

P.S About the layout thing, it just depends on how hard you work and how fast the class moves. I totally believe that it's possible you could get that in six months, but the coach may not want you to move that fast for your own safety. You need to get the back handspring down good before the layout. I'm a gymnast, and have never done cheer leading, so I'm not sure when the coach may move you up to a layout. I'm just saying this from my own experience.

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yes u can u just have 2 keep trying

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Yes, I feel like if you really try and you are determined to get it, you will be able to. It's not unreasonable by any means. If you pick up tumbling really really fast then you might could get a lay out, but I would reach that far. I'd say get the back handspring really good. You might be able to get a tuck also.

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ok, if you know how to do a single one than yes. just keep on going back!! DONT STOP!! or you will fall! dont be afraid. a layout may or may not be possible. GOOD LUCK!!

i hope the best for you

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