Are the olympics this year?if so than whats the purpose of it?

i just don't understand why they have the olympics because it's not like they crown a king or queen


Has anybody been to the Olympics?

The olympics are the highest NON-PROFESSIONAL athletic competition. So, it's just on huge sports tournament. But, as good as the athletes are, it is amatuer. Once you go pro, you can never go back to the olympics.

Where were the 3rd mordern olympics held?

no,the next olympics are in 2008 in beijing!

Why second position is called Runners up ?

No the Olympics are no this year but they are next year and they are only on even years.

Is there some kind of Olympics going on right now?

olympics are not a prom but a competition
in a way they are crowning kings and queens
the people with golds are the kings and queens

the olympics are held every two years with summer olympics four years apart and the same with winter

Why are there Winter & Summer Olympics that are 2 years apart? I thought the Olympics were 4 years apart!?

the olympics are on even years, and it is to show the best of the best at different fields of sports

How are the flags displayed on the ice during the speed skating events at the Olympics?

the Olympics are every four years and as there was the Olympics in Athens 2004 the next Olympics are in 2008 at Beijing

What is the fastest 40 ever runed?

the summer olimpics r coming up in 08" winter will be in 2010

Pennsylvania has the only U.S. town named for a Native American athlete who also was an Olympic medalist.?

next year

If you were to make a table that lists the Olympic teams from best to worst, how would you do it?

1 this is an odd # year
2 summer olympics 2008 bejing china
3 winter olympics 2010 vancouver canada
4 summer games 2012 london england
5 winter games 2014 tba
6 summer games 2016 tba

tba=to be anounced

Would you rathe date Shawn White or Orlando Bloom?

there are no olympics in this year

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