Any expert ice skaters that can answer my question?

Anyone of u guys out here that are expert ice skaters? Can U tell me how the skater manages to do those very fast twirls or spins, it amazes me how fast the skater can do it.


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Center of gravity comes into play. Plus they also make use of their moment of inertia. They start spinning with their hands out wide, and then they bring their hands in. This causes to spin faster cause it lowers your moment of inertia. Try it on a spinning stool, start spinning with your hands out and then bring them in. You will start spinning faster.

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You have to practice pivots and weight distribution.
You learn spins in beta level skating lessons.

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it take balance speed and patience but u wont learn it if u don't know how to skate or do any other basic skills of tricks......... i dont know how to explain doing it

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i'm not an expert but. what u have to do is center ur spin very well and pull in ur arms slowly to build up speed. u also have to go into it pretty fast. it takes a lot of work.

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