Are the X games like events in the Winter Olypics (Snowboarding, etc) give too much advantage to the USA?


I did the 800 meters in sprint and after that i couldnt stand it normal (i'm 13)?

no, the x-games are an international competition, and besides that every athlete in the olympics practices, competes, or trains basically every day. the x-games just happens to be one of the bigger events.

Where can I find information about Katarina Witt?

X Games Style Events in Turin 2006:

Women's Moguls: Gold Canada, Silver Norway, Bronze France
Men's Halfpipe: Gold USA, Silver USA, Bronze Finland
Women's Halfpipe: Gold USA, Silver USA, Bronze Norway
Men's Moguls: Gold Australia, Silver Finland, Bronze USA

I think you'd have to make up your own mind on that

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