Be the commentator, reflect on what happend in the snowboarding olypics so far in the Torino 2006 Olimpic game


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With only the snowboard slalom events still to be completed, you have to admit that if it's riding on a snowboard the chances are that it's an American.

The USA won both halfpipe events (and also took the silver medal as well) and would have also had a clean sweep in the new snowboard cross event if the women's leader in the final hadn't attempted a trick over the last ramp and crashed. Still generally speaking it's been the US's Olympics on snowboards.

Medal Table (Snowboarding)
United States: 3 golds, 3 silvers, 0 bronze
Switzerland: 1 gold
Slovakia: 1 silver
Finland: 1 bronze
France: 1 bronze
Norway: 1 bronze
Canada: 1 bronze

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PLANE AND SIMPLEY Americans kicked butt in all competitions except for the womens cross, where the girl had a HUGE lead, then tried to bust a huge trick and fell, although the people behind her all wiped out, one caught up and beat her to the line, she came in second.

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