Anybody else watch figure skating?

Question:If so what do you like about it?
Me I admire watching the ladies sakte with grace and beauty.
my heart stops right before they do their jumps and it breaks when i see them fall or miss a step. Plus they have nice legs and as$ses so no, i'm not gay.

I just wish those commentators will shut up.


What do the 5 colors of the Olympic rings stand for?

I love watching Ice doing it, thats a different story..they make it look so easy sometimes..I Just like everything about it...always have since I was a's definetly my favorite event in the olympics..too bad USA didn't get gold..oh well..silver is good!!

Who won the Marathon race gold medal in the 1952 Helsinki olympics ?

I can't get interested in figure skating because I am too addicted to computers.

Where was the last Olympics held?

One of the few worthwhile winter olympic events. Need to improve some of the costumes, though.

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