Can anyone recommend sprint training sessions for the 100m and 200m?


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These two events require different sugar levels than many.
I would try some water bottle at 50 yards, or meters, and see
whether you can bulk the mass into a sweat. It is very nice
if you are exceptionally thin, then just walk the distance and
think up a good story. I would say reciting works farely.

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i would recommend that you would have to join a local athletics club to access training its hard to give advice on where you should go as you have not given any details of where you live. the easiest thing would be to ring aroung athletics clubs and deciding which 1 does training at a time which would best suit you

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i would try doing it on your own or with a couple of friends. here's a schedule that i recommend (those are my events too!) Monday: conditioning (20 pushups, sprint 50 and back, 20 curl ups, sprint 50 and back, 25 jumping jacks, sprint 50 and back, and 10 high jumps, rest for 5 minutes and repeat. (keep in mind that u will feel like ur gonna die, and that all the exercises should be done in succession in a span of about maybe 6 minutes)
tuesday: run 8 full-speed 200s with a rest of 10 minutes in between
wednesday: 8 100s with 3 minutes rest in between
thursday: take it easy (jog a mile or 2)
friday: just concentrate on technique and getting out of the blocks and stuff and high knees, etc.
take the weekends off
this workout may be boring and challenging, but if u want to get better, suck it up :)
do all sprint drills with spikes on and remember to stay hydrated (at least 20 fl. oz. of gatorade every practice)
for the sprints, do the first couple full speed, and the others at 80%, b/c u will get tired
and when there are meets, take it easy the day before
always warm up, stretch, and cool down
good luck! :)

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