Are the Olympics a waste of money?


Pipz who are good in ice skating or ice skating champions!! Please answer!! F/M!!?

The Olympic are great fun to watch for sports fans across the world they unite poeple together in friendships.
Sport events can address problems around the world as they capture people watching around the world.

I think country like america should spend more money on their Paralympic athletes as well. They are elite athletes with a disability. paralympic show great ability.

The paralympic benifit the city by having accessable transport in the city. Because the courtry has to improve it and sport venues have a use after the games
It the nature to have to win and look perfect that wrong and why every year they find drug cheats.
And hiding the problems be clearing out people you don't want around that wrong.
No city perfect.

The oldest 2006 torino olympic athlete? From what country and what sport?

why the hell are there Olympics, instead they should spend that money on there country or the needs or there or our own people and fix most of there problems instead of these so called Olympics.

I have a research paper on Winter Olympics. Where can I find stats. on how the olympics effect kids and sports

no .
because they represent what is most of the world's best people and not only in sports...but also in teamworking individual skills etc..definetly no...besides...they are not a waste of money for the host...ex..china would spent almost 22 bil on her olympics..but they will surely get much more than that cause of souvernis/tourism/publicity/al... of PR

Spanish country wth more olympic medals?

no! are you kidding they rock!

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