100 meter sprint.?

Question:I believe that humans will one day break the 9 second mark, and possible even lower?

What do you think of this?

I also have an opinion on why I believe this (that I will post later), but I would like to see your opinions first.


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Well, some decades ago it was believed that it was physically impossible to run the mile in under 4 minutes, but now we've found that it is in fact possible. I believe that it may be possible in the future, but it will be different from the past. The tracks of the future could be of totally different material than now, and the timing mechanisms and starting mechanisms could also be different. Of course, that's not the only reason why the people of the future might break the time. They could just have gotten better due to more training or better genetics or something along those lines.

I'd like to hear your opinion!

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I think someone will 1 day right now i run track for my high school and i can do 100m sprint in about 12.3 or 12.5 seconds

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yeah .. I will break his record one day

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yes i do think that one day most likely soon someone will go under 9 seconds, but that person will have been training for a long time.


nah, thats a lil 2 fast

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Well i think that right now Asafa powell could run about 9.50 if he and justin gatlin ran 2gether so in my mind there is no doubt in my mind that someone will go under 9 seconds soon

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I think the human capabilities never been limited , 40 years ago man could break the 10 sec. record in 100m sprint , the world best now 9,76 sec. and with best training , equipments , talent motivation , the 9 sec. record in 100 m. will be reached in less than 40 years .

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yes i do think that someday someone will be able to break the 9 sec. mark
i run the 100 meter and i usually get low 11 or high 10

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Not in our lifetime and possibly never. There is an ultimate to all athletic performance, but 100m in under 9 seconds may be impossible.

François Péronnet and Guy Thibault, of McGill University, researched in 1987 and published in 1989 a mathematical model which reproduces an athlete's power output over a given distance of running, using variables representing various metabolic energy-yielding processes. This is in turn based on a model developed by Arthur Hill way back in the 1920s.

Péronnet and Thibault studied variations in athletic performances since the early part of the century, capacity of anaerobic metabolism, maximal aerobic power, and the reduction in peak aerobic power with increasing race duration. They found that while the first two of these increase in an essentially linear fashion over the years for all events, the latter of the three remained effectively constant. That is, while improvements in training techniques have helped to improve anaerobic and aerobic capacity, the rate at which maximal exertion drops has not changed much.

By studying these trends, they were able to pin down possible future performances for both men and women. In particular, since the reduction in peak aerobic power does not change, by placing reasonable "plateaus" on the first two aerobic and anaerobic variables for human beings, the "ultimate" performances in track could be guestimated.

Predicted future men's WR, based on 1987 records:
2000 - 9.74
2028 - 9.57
2040 - 9.49

Predicted ultimate performance 100m

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This is possible through enhanced genetic therapy and advance technological training.

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