Are those 100m sprinters amazing?


Is it possible to enter more than one event in the olympics?

Their speed is amazing and fun to watch, but the guys who amaze me are the 400m guys, now THAT's a stud's race. A quarter mile race, flat out as hard and as fast as you can go. The USA puts out the BEST 400m men in the world and that's why we've won every 400m & 4x400 gold medal for the last 6 olympic games

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yea 100 meters in 9 secs cool!

I'm in cheer leading and were about to go to DISNEY for a competition and im scared im going to choke.?

Yes. The USA's top sprinters are making 100 meter event very exciting. Justin Gatlin and Asafa Powell hold the world record and it will be great to see which one of them breaks it first. Also, it's a possibility that Marion Jones will make her way back to being the top female sprinter by 2008 Olympics.

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BEN JOHNSON is still the quickest man. He is the only man to run at 30mph

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oh yeah!

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I agree with the other guy, 400M is the toughest race. The most amazing track record is 19.32. Frankie Fredericks, who is an accomplished 100 M runner, said that if he knew MJ was gonna run 19.32, he would have stayed home. He's got a hammerlock on the 400M record, too.

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Yes, some people are born with the body to run. Their body is just perfect and naturally they are born with the gift of form. However others can work to become better sprinters just by following few steps. and wow if you take a look at those 100 m dash sprinters they just make you say WOW. lol i'm a sprinter and I look up to those guys

Who were athletes who performed amazingly at the summer olympics?

No, the 100 meter sprinters are not amazing, judging by the fact that they operate on pure talent. The real amazing ones are the ones that run 100m and up, judging by the fact that they could never do what they do if they didn't have some of the greatest willpower known to man. Yes, the most amazing runners are the ones who are forced to mentally push themselves through a race, not the ones whose race is over in less than 10 seconds.

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