Any Gymnasts Out There?


What are those gymnastics things that are shaped like doughnuts called?

I am in gymnastics! Level 6. i LOVE gymnastics!! Also check out the web site Shawn is an AMAZING gymnast! it's NOT me though! I wish! She is 14 and hoping to make it to the olympics!

Who won the 1st Womens marathon?

I was a gymnasts...advanced on the uneven bars!

Which countries had the five top medal winners during the last Olympics?

my 8 year old sister is a competitive level 5 gymnast

In 1960 the winter olympics were held in the US where were they held?

im not but my 10 year old sister competes at level 6

I run a 400 meter in about 2 minutes. is that good? I am 18 and want to run in the olympics someday.?

ME! I'm a cheerleader too! Its really hard work too, people say its easy, but it isn't! I'm working on my lay out!

Should there be an Olympics for cheats to see what science can do for human performance?

I used to be a gymnast!!

I need to find an address for Peter Mueller, Norways Olympic Speedskating Coach?

Used to be agymnast, then switched to coaching.

Best ice skates for a novice(child) ice skater??

I'm a cheerelader and I do gymnastics, so does that count ?

Which Olympics is considered as the most successful Olympics in history?

gymnastics for 9 years and counting...competed level 5,6,7(twice), 8(three times...made it to regionals twice) and qualified for level 9 state on my first try =]...if it werent for fracturing my growth plate in my wrist and a sprained ankle every year, i wouldnt have had to repeat all the levels..oh well, its just part of the sport!

Which was the first Asian country to host the Olympics?

yes what gym do you go to I go to Malones and I am in level 7

What is the name of the Famous russian gymnast?

level 8, but I have all kinds of problems with my wrists so I might have to quit!

How do they get ice to freeze sideways on the luge track, and do they resurface it between runs and if so how?

Me, I love gymnastics!

How can i get my back handspring??

me - been involved for nearly 40 years. British Gymnastcs qualified coach to class 2 mens artistic, Sports acro, Double mini. Tutor / Examiner to class 3 mens artistic. Competed european champoinships 2000 & 2002. British champions team gym 2002. British Veteran champion mens artistic & tumbling 2002

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