Can anyone tell me anything regarding the track times for the 1500m in the olympics between 1949 and 2006?


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Well, let's see. Since you've selected 1949 as your starting point, this would preclude the '48 London Olympic games.

1952 - Josey Barthel of Luxemboug won in 3:45.1

1956 - Ron Delany of Ireland won in 3:41.2

1960 - Herb Elliot of Australia won in 3:35.6

1964 - Peter Snell of New Zealand won in 3:38.1

1968 - Kip Keino of Kenya won in 3:34.9

1972 - Pekka Vasala of Finland won in 3:36.3

1976 - John Walker of New Zealand won in 3:39.17

1980 - Sebastian Coe of Great Britain won in 3:38.40

1984 - Sebastian Coe of Great Britain won in 3:32.52

1988 - Peter Rono of Kenya won in 3.35.96

1992 - Fermin Cacho of Spain won in 3.40.12

1996 - Noureddine Morceli of Algeria won in 3.35.78

2000 - Noah Ngeny of Kenya won in 3.32.07

2004 - Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco won in 3.34.18

So, what we can say is:

The times improved from 3:45.1 to 3:32.07, well off the current world record of 3:26.0

One World record was set by Herb Elliot 3:35.6

The fastest winning time was 3:32.07 by Kenya's Ngeny.

Most of the races were tactical in nature, thus most of the times were well off the the WR or the athletes's PRs. (Especially in 1976, 1980 & 1992)

Kenya has won 3 golds, Great Britian and Australia has 2 each.

Europe has produced 6 winners, Africa has 5, and Australia/NZ has 3.

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They got much faster. Henry Eriksson ran 3:49. Hicham El Guerrouk won in 2004 with 3:34, Noah Ngeny has the record, set in 2000, of 3:32.07. Only Sebastian Coe won twice (3:32.53)

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