2004 Summer Olympics-Who Was the Hottest Female Olympian?

I would have to say Carly Patterson without a doubt, and Jennie Finch would be second.


What are the advantages of using anabolic steroids in sports?

Without a doubt, it has to be Kerri Walsh. She's tall and looks amazing in a bikini (which she wore to all her events).

Could someone tell me what Bode Miller did during the olympics?


Are there any dvds of Scott Hamilton the ice skater and him only? Like the best of or something like that?

Umm it was Mia Hamm

What does a billion dollar golden egg mean?

Lauren JAckson.

Do you know Kate Allen?

ME duh

I'm planning to go to Beijing for the olympics. What are expected costs?

Mariel Zagunis

(Fencers please anwser this question.) whats funner foiling or sabering.?

jennie finch

Who was the first ever olympic gold medalist?

A couple of the Female USA swimmers

How to I do a back hand spring??

amanda beard no doubt

Is gymnastics a team sport or a individual sport?

The hottest female athelete of all time is German Anni Friesinger. No one else even comes close except maybe Maria Sharpova.

Winter olympics who's story touched you the most?

Jennie Finch, Carly Patterson, Maria S.

Does anybody have the entire women's gymnastics all around comp on youtube?

Carley Patterson

If you could travel on a time machine to any Olympics of the past, which Olympics would you want to attend?

Swimmer Amanda Beard. Hottie in a Bikini!

I wanna go to the olympics... but i need help...?

Carly Patterson but honestly I did'nt watch any other sport other then gymnastics so really it's cuz she's the only one I know!

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