Advanced Tucked Planch to Stradle Planch (gymnastics)?

Question:I can hold the Tucked Planch on prallate bars for over 40 seconds and the advanced tucked planch for roughly 15 seconds.

The straddle planch is giving me serious trouble. I can engage it but once I get into possition my legs drop almost immediately. There is a mini mini hover tho.

Now my question, my flexibility isnt the greatest. Would increasing my flexibility (pike and split flexibility) alow me to perform the motion easier and with higher range of motion thus alowing me to hold it much faster and longer than if i just focused on getting stronger?
(talking about the stradle planch)

I am also doing heavy dips with 135 lbsa attached to my body, tons of various handstand / planch / lever work and tons of other varied exercises for abs such as l-seats, v-sits and dragonflags.

Oh and i'm 5'8' and 175 lbs. pretty damn lean too.


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been a gymnastics coach for over 20 years and if you're not flexible enough to touch your chin to the floor in a seated straddle position you won't be able to lift your legs to horizontal even if you're the strongest person in the world

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flexibility is sooooooooo important...even 4 guys...
seriously, do you think that the girls don't have to work their flexibility in order to do stuff on bars?

Keep up with the strength/ pays off!!

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of course.. flexability will help in EVERYTHING in gymnastics..

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increasing your fexability will always help in gymnastics; its just as important as your streangth!

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