Are all the bathroom stalls at the Special Olympics handicap only?


The London Olympics will now cost £9,325,000,000-is this money well spent?

No because they need somewhere for their guardians to go. So they have 5 big stall and one little one. Thanks for making me laugh so often, EOS.

What is the difference between basketball, baseball, volleyball,soccer, and football?

Probably... let me know, and good luck.

Who is Ira Murchinson. The guy that ran track?

Are you always this stupid, or is it just because it is Friday?

Who's your favourite olympic athlete?

hahaha... no!

Any ideas for some new olympic sports?

heh heh, I find your ideas intruiging and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Give an idea to claim more gold in Asian games and Olympics?

could someone with out a disability claim discrimination for not having a standard stall?

is all the parking for handicap people?

where do regular people park and do they get tickets just for attending?

if you cheer one athlete over another can you be sued for harassment?

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