Are you.?

Are you good at gymnastics? If you are. what can you do? I'm just wondering because I love gymnastics!


Why is the sport of Curling almost hypnotic?

I'll tell you one thing i enjoy it in school which it was a requirement if you wish to try do it but there where some of us pretty good. They had some other things we could chose but this keep me fit.

Well i guess there comes a day where you got to stop but sometimes i still fill 19 years old that's only in my mine of coarse.*

Gymnastics tips?

I've never tried it. But I probably suck.

Is Delhi ready for the Commonwealth Games 2010 ?

i am not good at all! so sorry!

How does a leg lock work?

I'm good at the balance beam

I need the history of Christine Yanagohie the figure.?

i used to... i quit when i got serious with figure skating.
but it was fun when it lasted! i could do a forward walkover then. not very good, but it was something!!!!!

Does anyone have or know where i can get the full video of the opening ceremony?

vault - front handspring full

bars - giants ( 360 around the high bar )

beam - front walkover

floor - front tuck stepout to round off back handspring layout

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