Can india ever host olympics?


Who started the Olympic tourch?

It's possible, but I can hardly think of a worse place to host the games. India is a country that's has extreme disparities between rich & poor, has the highest murder rate in the WORLD and is extremely dirty and polluted. Not to mention, the summers are unbearably HOT.

But by far the largest concern would be the Muslim population and potential for terrorism..

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maybe i think it can

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Why not?

Does the olympics start every 4 years?

I'm sure they could if they could prove they could provide security.

What is the special olympics? and what are u able to do?

why wouldn't india host the olympics?

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I think if the Commonwealth Games in 2010 are a success, then I dont see why they couldnt. Maybe by around 2020 or 2024 they could. But they have alot of infrastructure to clean up first.

Why we are not winning the high number gold medals in olimpic games?

Yes, definitely. I can't see it happening within the next 20 years, but there's no reason why they shouldn't. India is becoming an increasingly big player in the world, and has a great population base for sport. They need to start producing more sportsmen at the top level though, especially in the main Olympic sports - athletics, swimming, cycling, boxing etc. They also need to prove they can do it by hosting other events successfully (eg commonwealth games) and by building world class facilities.

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I don't see why not, I'm sure it will eventually

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I don't think the Olympic committee would ever pick an Indian city to host the Olympics because of the extreme economic destitution of the population. Several of the last Olympics have lost money eventhough they were rather affluent cities in affluent countries. Bombay, Karachi, New Delhi all have no chance of being selected. I don't even wantr to talk about the Security nightmare of the location.

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