Can sports foster relationships among countries?


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yes, currently Canada and China have a special relationship. In addition to them being huge trade partners, they have an agreement in place that will allow Canadians to practice with the Chinese in the 2008 Olympic venues before all the other countries can. In return, China will have the same right for the 2010 games in Canada

How much different were the sports during apartheid compared to sport after 1994?

I believe so infact this has been proven with our Olympics which is participated in by different nations who compete in the games to win for the gold and bring home the bacon to their respective countries.

How many medals do you believe the US Olympics representatives will win in the Torino Olympics this year?

yeah b ut da rivalry shud remain b/w countries who have a history(only while playin) or some fun wil b lost

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sports are the only thing that all coutrys have incommon so if sports cant foster relationships then nothing can!

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Yes they can because each country should put aside their political differences, strife, etc., and focus on the athletes' good sportsmanship.

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