Can anyone tell me where I could buy a muscle shirt to show off my 18 inch arms and 66 inch chest?

I have looked and looked for a tight fitted shirt with no sleeves and tight collar. Is there anyone else looking for this kind of shirt?


Who has the record for the highest high jump ever, please I really need this info 4 a project?

Try looking in the same store where you found the inflatable muscles - I suppose my next question is:
Without chemical assistance, what is your maximum weight (free weights) for a good set (maximum number of reps that you can do in a normal set - not the two rep max-out set) for the following exercises:

Dead Lift
Clean & Jerk
Military Press
Flat Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Decline Bench Press
Bicep Curl
Preacher Curl
Shrugs (with Barbel)
Skull Crushers

I would be interested to find out

What is the purpose of coloring fencing blades?

SHOWOFF ... LOL just kidding. Try thrift stores?

What games are Guyana competing in at the 2004 Olympics?


Taekwondo fighter?

What are you doing with a ridiculous body like that... 18 for 66...?

Indian boy who is the fast runner in world?

Hah. Show-off. lol.

My biceps measure about 16 inches, and i don't know about my chest...i've made the mistake of working out my chest way too much, though, so now i have the mantitty pecks (which actually intimidate very easily, once i puff out, lol).

I find that any collared shirt i put on will stretch according to my biceps, showing them off very nicely. Why not just go with a classier style and try short-sleeve collared shirts?

Who is this person?

dude type it in online u will find what ever it is u r looking for

How is athletics played in nigeria?

WOW your buff!!!

What was the last country to win gold in the Olympics for pairs figure skating before Russia's reign?

you could find it Walmart. Even if its not on the shelf you could always make it. Cut off the sleves for that rough ragged look...

Can I compete in dressage bit less?

Keeping trying to check the shops around, if you are in Hongkong it won't be a problem, we have much to choose from...

How can I watch the Olympic opening ceremonies online?

go to Italian stores. something expensive and looks nice and classy. chicks love that.

Can you name a few Iranians who have wong gold and silver medals in the Olympic Game?

Why would you want to show off? That is just wrong. Be glad you have accomplished looking like that but don't try to show off and make others feel bad. Just wear your regular clothes. If you are that big you won't need a muscle shirt to show it off. Muscle shirts are disgusting any way. It makes you look like a cheap low life. Have class. Women like that a lot more.

Will the 2012 Olympics in London be a success?

Omar the tent maker lol

What were the names of the two black gold medalists (Track) who were stripped of their medals?

try sleeveless belly shirts.homo

Is paintball a good exercising sport?

THats totally corny and out-of-style

Breakdancing at the olympics?

If you spent 5% of that time improving your personality rather than working out your muscles, you'd probably find all the quality attention you need.

World record holder women's pole vault ?

You know...I like to look at a guy that is built really well...but, it is a big turn off to see someone who is strutting and saying to themselves "Hey, look at me, I'm so fine". That just ruins the whole thing! Get over yourself!

I have an Ausrailian 1918 football medal anyone got any ideas about its value and history?

I found a bunch of shirts like that at Big 5 the other day. You can also check out stores that specialize in running/biking/cardio/etc... like FleetFeet. I've seen them carry very tight fitting closes with no sleeves and they are also very comfortable.

Are the Winter Olympics live from Torino, Italy?

66 inch chest... geeze just about any shirt will do that!

Are all the routines the same in Gymnastics?

Nothing sexier than a man with a "built" body in a plain white (clean of course) haines t-shirt, maybe a little tight. and a pair of nice fitting jeans.

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