All you fast track runners... HELP!?

I know i am capable of doin it it is just amatter of technique and will. All u fast trck runners what is a good way to overcome the mental part of running in a mile? How do you push yourself past your limit?


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I personally run the mile, as a highschool Track runner, so I know what you mean. I can tell you this-nothing anybody says on here is going to help you. Maybe you're like me...and one day it will just click. I had a really funky day once...and I got like a 5:24 in the mile...and as I came in for the last hundred meters...I ran into a guy and fell. I later bombed in my 3200 meter also...I decided that day I'd never accept that again, and since then I have been training my hardest. It needs to come within-figure out what can do this for you. Athletes aren't just talent, they are motivation.

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run with someone faster than you who will push you

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all the glory.

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Try to think about all of the people who will admire your time if you are really fast. If you are on the track team, u will know it matters what your time is, not who you beat. try to think about improving your time. Also, if improving your time doesn't work, what always pushes me is running with someone who you can beat but have try hard to. If you get ahead of them, you'll be proud of yourself and push harder do beat them further.

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  • All you fast track runners... HELP!?
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