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Question:a) Who was the only man to ever win hte 5k, 10k, and marathon during one set of the olympic games?
b) Where was he from?


Even now in this day and age, would it be a hard thing to run a sub 4 minute mile?

Emil Zátopek
Czech Republic

In curling, what is the penalty if one of the sweepers hits the rock with his broom?

an african

We can't build England's (Wembley) national stadium on time...?

Emil Zatopek, and he was from Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic).

He accomplished this at the Helsinki Finland Olympic games of 1952. Incidentally, his wife Dana Zátopková won the gold medal for javelin in the 1952 Summer Olympics.

The closest anyone has come to matching this feat was Lasse Viren, at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal Canada. After winning the 5,000 & 10,000 meter races, he finished 5th in the Marathon, the first time he had ever run that race.

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