Backflips on the ground (or back tuck, to get technical)?

Can anyone do them? and if so, anyone have some tips for me.. I keep stickin my face right in the ground


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There are two things you need to have to do proper back flips (or front flips): strong legs and a strong mid-section. You need strong legs to lift you from the ground with enough force, and a strong mid-section to be able to pull your legs back while you are in the air.

When you flip in the air, you are putting a lot of extra weight on your legs from the jump (similar to G forces on a roller coaster) due to gravity and the push from the ground. This is why strong legs and torso are important. You don't ever see any obese people do proper flips. That's because it's not physically possible.

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well the most important thing to do is know what your suppose to learn first and that is a back handspring so when you have that down a back FLIP will be easy as cheesey so now first stand tall in postion look straight ahead of focus then lean back like your sitting in a chair then when you feel like your getting ready to almost fall jump! backwards exploding your legs look at what your doing concentrate look at your hands see what they are up to remember keep your arms straight and tight as well as your booty and legs and thats the spring spring up so you wont land on your face and then you just did a back hand spring now a back flip is without the spring so you have to have good arm strength ok great but if you feel scared about jumping back ask/pray to god to spot you and he will. break a leg (not literaly!)

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to do a standing back tuck it helps to grap or hold your legs after they have gone over your head cuz it helps you rotate faster

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-Jump hard, and don't bend down too low
-Make sure you don't start flipping until after you extend your body into the air. If you try to flip while you're still bending down, you won't go high enough. It helps to try and spot something up high before you lean back.
-A great way to learn it is to first do it off something high so it's easy, then progress off something lower and lower until you can do it on the ground.

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in addition to everyone else have to not sure if you know what that means, but when you swing your arms, you want them to go back to your ears when you finally leave the ground. and also make sure that you dont throw your head back..yeah, i know its tempting, but if you lead with your head it makes you arch and you dont go as high...good luck!

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You have to be able to get a lot of height...

Lay on your back flat on the ground, and quickly roll your legs to your chest, grabbing your legs. Do these repeatedly, but make sure you're rolling fast.

Also, keep your arms up, close to your ears with nads in a fist, swing arms down, and throw them back, grab legs TIGHT, and release when you see the ground.

Hope this helps!

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