1984 Olympic slalom champion?


Who is the President of the Australian Olympic Committee?

I didn't know if you wanted men or women. Here is all the alpine skiing results from the 1984 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XIV Olympic Winter Games, that were held in 1984 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia.

Medal Athlete Time
Gold Bill Johnson (USA) 1:45.59
Silver Peter M├╝ller (SUI) 1:45.86
Bronze Anton Steiner (AUT) 1:45.95

Giant Slalom
Medal Athlete Time
Gold Max Julen (SUI) 2:41.18
Silver Jure Franko (YUG) 2:41.41
Bronze Andreas Wenzel (LIE) 2:41.75

Medal Athlete Time
Gold Phil Mahre (USA) 1:39.41
Silver Steve Mahre (USA) 1:39.62
Bronze Didier Bouvet (FRA) 1:40.20

Women's events

Medal Athlete Time
Gold Michela Figini (SUI) 1:13.36
Silver Maria Walliser ( SUI) 1:13.41
Bronze Olga Charvatová (TCH) 1:13.53

Giant Slalom
Medal Athlete Time
Gold Debbie Armstrong (USA) 2:20.98
Silver Christin Cooper (USA) 2:21.38
Bronze Perrine Pelen (FRA) 2:21.40

Medal Athlete Time
Gold Paoletta Magoni (ITA) 1:36.47
Silver Perrine Pelen (FRA) 1:37.38
Bronze Ursula Konzett (LIE) 1:37.50

Who sang the song on the nbc olympic torino commerical?

Phil Mahre USA and Paoletta Magoni Italy

What was your favorite Olympics? Year and Location?

max julan

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