Can football game make pease in the world?


Is sanda or san shou will be olympic game?

Not likely. People seem to enjoy fighting over football as much as fighting over anything else.

How many gold medals did England win at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth games?

No, its a violent sport. But it is fun as hell though. No matter what, there will never be peace cuz there will always be an asshole out there that will fuuck things up.

What "events" should NOT be allowed in the Olympics?

no, not at all,some media will earn money by advertisements,air line industry will make more money by selling tickets,sports company will get more publicity and so as other sponcers,winners will be richer and so as the the and u will get some entertainment..thats all.It has got nothing to do with peace

Who is an Olympic track-and field specialist?

Think about that question for a bit. There will NEVER be world peace.

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