A gymnast's fear?

For a gymnast at any level, is there something which personifies the fear you might hold; the fear of failure, the pressure you might feel to perform well, or something else you might just be afraid of. I am thinking about some sort of monster -- is there anything that embodies a gymnast's worst nightmare? Or maybe I am just plain asking the gymnasts out there about something fantasy they might be afraid of.


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It depends on the gymnast. I don't have fears in gymnastics. Some fears may include, splitting the beam, missing a landing, and falling off an apparatus. Some gymnasts may have fears of performing in front of an audience too.

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Losing their balance and ending up straddling the balance beam...?

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Bad knees..

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i fear that i will fall of a apperatus ( i cant spell) and break a bone. so far so good i havent hurt myself badly in this sport yet!

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getting hurt, falling, and blisters.

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as a gymnast (artistic) i was afraid of the bars i thought that if i done a giant ( swing round the bar) i wud fall off so i didnt get very far in artistic altho i luved floor and beam. then i moved to sports acrobatics which was gr8 but thers was a lot of pressure as goin into big comps u obviously dnt wanna let ur partners down but ther was also a lot of pressure from the coaches i mean i kno sum coaches that even wen u come first its still not GOOD Enough!! wats that about!!

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being injured or learning a new and difficlut skill

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