2010 Winter Olympics in Canada??

Alrigth, I need to find out about our 2010 women's hockey team. I know this may seem stupid, but I want to be on it. How would I go about finding out when and where tryouts are if there is open tryouts and all that good stuff? Like, the requirements, etc.? I am pretty good, at least my teammates think I am the best. But right now I am only 13. I think I will have to wait for the 2014 olympics. Right? But I will be 17 and a half when the 2010 one come around. Please help. Any info is great!


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You can email one of the Olympic Committees- not sure which one and find out. The contact link is on the bottom right hand corner of the link here. Best of Luck and I hope your Olympic Dreams come true like I am hoping mine will. Also, you only have to be 16 to compete in the Olympics.


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After the Terrence and Phillip mess, we will not be going to Canada.

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please wait for your time when you will be matured enough to face any type of challenge.

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im not sure where the try outs are but age doesnt matter
as long as its safe for your age you could be 40 but you could play as long as those ppl say its not hazardous to your health good luck!

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