I missed it how many people does the USA have in the olympics?


Do you think the Indian Government is doing enough to promote sports in the country?

211 people

What is music Pang Tong danced to in olympics 2006 pairs compulsory ice skating?

This is a list of the US athletes participating in the Torino Winter Games:


2010 olympics anyone?

We have two hundred and eleven athletes participating.

How many olympic medals does America have in the ice fishing competition?

There are 211 athletes representing the US including 89 women and 122 men.

The top 3 states by representation are:

1) California 24
2) Minnesota 23
3) Colorado 20

400m hurdles ... need training tips and strategies?

TORINO, Italy - The United States Olympic Committee today announced its team members for competition at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy. The U.S. Team consists of 211 athletes including 89 women and 122 men.

I want to be a color war captain at camp, and i need an idea- fast!!?


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