At what point do we stop breaking records? ie. can we ever arrive before we leave?


Name 4 sports unique to the Paralympics?

Although these are good answers, this question is not easily answerable, but very interesting to think about. At some point, we will have reached maximum human potential and all records will stand for eternity. The question is, are we there yet? At the rate that world records are falling in the olympics, I would believe that we still have a ways to go.

What olympics did mia hamm compete in?

International dateline. Yes you can!

If slow and steady wins the race, does that mean my giant African snail has a chance in the next olympics?

If you give any credit to the idea of quantum physics it's definitely possible.

What is your favorite event in mens gymnastics?

Yes I arrived at the airport before I left for Brazil

Is bowling an olympic sport?

Records are made to be broken.. there will always be a way to be faster I think.. either with new technology or more training

and also, rules change in many sports that allow records to be broken.. new techniques and sports spreading into new places will create better athletes

BUT.. there is a limit, a physical limit.. for example, a swimmer will never be faster than what hydrodynamics consider perfect motion. just as a penny reaches terminal velocity when falling.. man will reach terminal velocity in speed sports.. but there are a lot of sports that dont have this problem

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