Anything about Olympic History?

Does anyone know anything about Olympic history, like the ancient olympics, the revival of the modern olympics, olympics today, etc.?? Please help!


Who are the gymnasts who have scored a 'perfecr 10' at the Olympic Games.?

Well, I know that men in ancient Greece competed nude because Greeks were proud of the human physic. Also, during the Olympic games, theater would be held, and played for the public, for the duration of the games.

What year was it that the 4 olympians got shot?

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How long is the outer lane in a track and field court(?)?

there is a high school in the city next to mine called Olympic .. its like 20 years old.

Remember The Cool Running Sled team from Jamaica at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta?

Well I know woman could not play in the ancient Olympics, I am not even sure they were allowed to watch, I don't think they were. And today women even win gold metals in the Olympics

Does anyone know anything on the 1980 Summer Olympics?

this has got lists of hosts etc. Its got a lot of info on everythin as well (paralympics + winter olympics)

Do any of you like Apolo Anton Ohno?

i know... it was started from Greece!

Does anyone have any idea where the 2008 olympics will be?

The modern olympics were founded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France in 1896. They were a quadrennial event until the 90's when the summer and winter games were split. So each olympiad is still every four years, the two jsut aren't in the same year. Los Angeles '84 was the first profitable games using existing stadia and sponsorships that were considered revolutionary at the time. Peter Ueberoff was in charge for the US and he is still a force in the American sports industry. The games made so much money that the Amateur Athletic Foundation was created in LA as a legacy and to distribute the funds to youth sports in LA. I used to study at USC and was a Sports Info minor-they have a library there that is a great resource. (If you live in LA it's on Adams Blvd and open to the public.) If not, then go to their website, they have a lot of resources and a complete history of the modern olympic games.

Seriously, this link will take you to a synopisis page of the olympics - it should be a great help to you-good luck!

In terms of validity or reliability what are the criticisms of the NCF multistage fitness test?

Certainly. Ancient Olympics were first recorded in 776 BC (although they started a long time before that) and got shut down by the Romans in the 4th century AD. The Modern Olympics was revived in 1896 when Athens held the first modern Games. As for the Olympics today, try looking at the IOC website

How Is The Venue For The Olympic Games Chosen?

i know that Olga Korbut was a very good gymnast and won a gold medal

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