Athletics and running for 6yr olds?

My niece is 6 and is brilliant and interested in running and athletics. The athletics clubs in her locality (Berkshire, UK) seem to only take kids from 7 and some not until they are 9. Do you know of any mini or infant clubs? There must be other children her age that want to run. I would like to capture her enthusiasm while we can.


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I saw some very brilliant books written about developing speed in children. It was recommended to me by one of the most well known coaches in australia. his name is Steve Bennit but i don't think he wrote the book. Ask a clerk at barnes and nobles or another bookstore.

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If you're healthy, run with her!

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I love the words some of you Brits use...Brilliant!

Wish I could help, but since I'm over here in the states, I don't know of any, but you could try to contact UK Athletics or Amatuer Athletics Association of England (AAA). Make Seb work for his money!

I wish the both of you good luck. Keep running!

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