Can the Beijing Olympics be as good as Sydney?

Or is it a case of wait and see,a lot depends on the event being a success for China.


Why doesn't Mexico participate in the Olympics?

Not a snowballs chance in hell !
The Sydney Olympics were;
1 The best organised
2 The transport around to venues was the best ever
3 The greatest opening ceremony
4 The most undrug assisted world records
5 The most beautiful city
6 The friendliest
7 Held in a democracy not a communist cesspool
8 Held in the best climatic conditions
9 The host nation didnt drug cheat. China has been caught out several times and are undoubtably doing so again.
10 No pollution problems during the games, which cant be said for Beijing

Some of Sydneys venues were completed up to 2 years before the games began. A feat almost unheard of in the modern Olympic era.

So please spare me the comparisons with Beijing they wont even be in the same solar system as Sydney

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I think it will be better, Beijing is a far more interesting and attractive city.

Anyone knoe wher i can get free b-ball stuff?

Even better,
mark my word.

What sports are offered in the special olympics??


How do you get on the Olympics Commitee?

i dont think so.. china is an interesting country and chinese are hardworking people indeed.. but australians r far more good organisers ,perfect finishers and excellent hosts..

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It is very hard to say but I do know that when it comes time to the Olympics Beijing will have the most unusual buildings ready. They have totally outdone themselves. They have the best contractors as well as making sure that if there is a earthquake these buildings r supposed to stand up. As for the games GO U.S.A all the way.

I do hope that many people watch for I heard that it is to be really good!

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i hear the final event will be "holding back the tank".No medals will be pressed for this as all participents will be expected to die for the cause

Who won the 5000m in atlanta olympics in 1996? what nationality?what time? any dedications?

It is very likely they will be better. The architectural planning is pretty amazing, they have much greater resources at their disposal, much better experience in organising mass events.

Did you see their presentation at the end of Athens Games? Greeks did a spectacular job, but when the Chinese started their bit - it put everything else in the shade.

But still - let's only hope that the large numbers of foreign visitors will do much do bring the country closer to democracy.

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Olympics in meaning themself is the best of humannity. i think where or when it is the best place.

An Asian athlete has been stripped of their medal.?

YES IT CAN, i went there over the summer and EVERYTHING (almost) is being renovated and rebuilt, even the old temples and buildings have gotten a new paint job.

just Wait and see,

Anyone know the story of Gail Devers?

They better not run out of beer!

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