Can an Olympic swimmer get plastic surgery to turn his feet into flippers and still be permitted to compete?


How do you do a cartwheel?

I don't think human skin is resistent enough to stand the kind of efforts real flippers do, same for the bones, so I guess they'd have to add some support wires as bones and something else as the flippers, and I don't think the olimpic comitee would allow such an implant.

Why do black people dominate athletics like asafa powell,gatlin,m johnson?

Wow.I would have NEVER in my life thought of that one...interesting, actually. Good luck with that one!

If my left testicale is larger than my right, would that be a disadvantage if i join my track team for hurdles

Have a word with that guy from OZ

What are some geometry words involved with boys gymnastics event rings?

I expect so.

How is called swimming,cycling & running whether it is trithilan or some other name?

I don't think so...he has an unfair advantage... so he won't be able to compete and then he'll just be that weirdo with flippered feet

When did the figure skating olympics start?

Yes, and a runner can also have leopard legs transplant to run faster.

Figure skating?

They can, BUT you need a dorsal fin as well & THEY are banned by the IOC.

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