Breakdancing at the olympics?

how rad's it gonna be!?? but how long we gotta wait?


Why do Olympic downhill events have blue lines on the snow?

Would be interesting to see what format they go with... a straight battle based on the bracket system or more of a battle of the year performance thing?? I vote the bracket system all the way...

To Iraq51: I think you need to reasses your definitions a little bit. There are many sports/events/whatever in the Olympics that operate with similar systems or even more subjective systems than those used in bboy/bgirl battles. Figure skating, equestrian (particularly dressage), snow boarding, moguls, or just about anything else that has a panel of judges assigning scores to the participants would all be examples. In a battle, you have a panel of judges who judge either by a point system or by rounds to determine a winner, and then crews proceed along a bracket system to determine the winner. In this sense, it is more directly competetive than say figure skating where opponents don't even have to see each other. And you wanted to know who we could name that compared to some professional athletes... well here's a list of some of my personal fav.s: Jeromeskee, Twixx, Roxrite, Spee-D, MexOne, Jules, Kevo, Ronnie, ABGirl, Beta, Ajax, Machine, Alien Ness, Devious, Kazu... the list goes on and on. Might want to research a little more before you start slamming things :-).

Why do professional athletes use performance enhancing drugs?

I am all for that. Bring it back.

Do you think south korea would would win the 2014 olympic bid?

You're kidding right ?

Whats the proper name for a ice chute that used as a olympic event?

the olympics are for sports. not dancing.

What is the best legal drug u can get for the 100m and 200m sprints?

They like to have something for everyone. Break dancing would sure have a lot more appeal than synchronized swimming.

What is the Olympique Marseille match fixing scandal??

Not unless the ultra left politically correct radicals hold the IOC and the Olympic World Governing body hostage and force breakdancing to become an event ..notice I didn't say sport.

And before you blast me me with being a racist, breakdancing in my experience IS NOT a race based activity. Heck, I have even watched Kuwaitis,Irainians and Iraqis do it over in the middle east.

Breakkdancing (aka BK) in an ACTIVITY and not a sport. Sports occur in the Olympics...not activities. People who become excited or obsessed with BK start to call them contests (and there are BK contests) and then attempt to elevate and call BK a sport.; thus making BK dancers athletes. Can you name any BK person at the same level as Bret Farve, Joe Namath, Pete Sampras, T. Owens, Muhhamad Ali, Sammy Sosa...not to mention the women atheletes going back to Babe Diedricks?

At a minimun all true sports have a definite outcome with standardized objective methods in determining the winner. These are universally accepted; such as you score more points you win. You knock the guy out you win. You cross the finish line ahead of everyone else you win.

A sport pits opponents directly against each other in a real time struggle for control and victory. Haven't seen this in my BK experience.

A sport has a universally accepted and identified time limit or standard played to completion. Soccer has 90 minutes, Hunting does not. Neither does BK.

There are several other regonized elements of what constitutes a sport but these should give you an idea why breakdancing is not.

However...sad to say I wouldn't be surprised if some day in the (far I hope) future this activity might at least become an exhibition event...if only to increase the ratings.

By the way...are you aware that there are groups attempting to make Cheer Leading and Air Guitar Olympic events? Looking forward to those "sports"? You too?

What do you think of Sasha Cohen? Do you think she will continue skating until the 2010 Olympics?

omg. lol. you are joking...right?

Cost of risk during Olympic Games?

Bboy, breakdance.. hhmm.. why not !

Why are events in the olympics often dominated, and not evenly mixed with races?

it is gunna be totally rad! im soo excited 4 it! i luv gymnastics and breakdancing so it will be kool 2 see those 2 combined 2gether!!

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