Olympic sport where men and women compete agaist each other?

what are the sports that men and women compete agaistn e/o? (sources please, its for a school project ;])


How do you feel India can increase its prospects of winning the maximum number of medals at Olympics.?

Equestrianism, and Mixed Doubles Tennis.

Did you watch the Olympics Closing Ceremonies?

Badminton,tennis (mixed doubles) Volleyball

What happens if the snow is too unreliable for some Winter Olympic events?


Who were the 1992 winter olympic pairs silver medalists?

mixed doubles in tennis?

How do you shoot targets in the olympics?

Maybe shooting, and sailing? Worth looking them up, too.

In what year were iranian womwen finally allowed to compete in the olympics?

Rifle and pistol they compete against each other. Also sailing, and equestrian.

Does apolo anton ohno have a girlfriend?


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  • Olympic sport where men and women compete agaist each other?
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