Can india own a gold medal in olympics?

if your answer is yes tell how it is possible.


Need to do 5 make up [projects for PE-gimme olympics athletes?

yes.if india practises well,gather mental strength&physical strenght,work hard&above all if the govt. provides better funds&practises then of course india will be in the place of usa

What race did Australia win over the United States?

y cant it is always possible by our indians to win atleast 1 gold medal

Which year was the Asian country been nominated as the hos for the olympics?

Yes Of course!

It is possible only if there is no politics in selection and training.

What nation won the first rugby gold medal in the Olympics?

If killing Gandhi's was an event, India would win gold for sure.

Which generates more money : the Soccer World Cup or the Olympic Games?

yes they can provided we all specially media stop making just average players like sania mirza,m.s dhoni etc as the heroes and god.

Where will the olympics to be held after beijing?


How do you do an arabesque?[Step by Step plz]?

you mean 'gain' an olympic gold medal.
I think in shooting it may be possible because of the skills of some of our ace shooters.
In Athletics it is not possible..In Hockey also the same problem with the present Federation management.

Which year was the first olympics held?

Who knows what will happen the next!!!

What was the show I saw about olympic marathon runner Abebe Bikila?

oh definitely!!!
why not but the only thing is we need to get rid of the corruption in the country.start recognising the talent in everyone \...ley more interest in sports.emphasise on it.encourage youngsters.give them sponsor's..correct reservations in sports quota...all this can go hand in hand for us to win a gold medal in the Olympics!

Do all cheerleaders use pompoms in their routines? If not which ones do?

SANYA MIZRA can do it this time in Olympic.

Who was Jeff Gadley? when was he born? Where?

YES! They can! One of my mums students will compete in archery. His name is like Abhey or something!

How do you do the splits?


Who else is boycotting the Olympics for letting China participate.?

This is an arguable topic, but we have won many gold medals n hockey. Now that hockey has gone down, our best hope in the Olympics is shooting. in other disciplines, good training should produce gold-medallists. We must folow Chinese example, and give lot of attention to sports. The government gives too much attention to cricket, which is not even an olympic sport.

Do you like the new rule allowing women figure skaters in the olympics to wear pants?

no, till the time india doesn't prepare to fight against other countries ,india can never even qualify in any event

What 34 year old former olympicgold medal winner got hitched to us gymnast bart connor in 1996?


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