Can Americans living overseas represent the country they are living in?

I wanted to be a figure skater but I live overseas in an American compound. Would I make myself eligible to compete if I competed in a competition that is not certified by the USFSA?


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You have to be a citizen of that country and some countries require you to be a citizen for a certain amount of time. There have been instances where the athlete was world class and became a citizen and was allowed to compete for that country under a certain time limit.The IOC rule that athletes may not compete in international events for a period of three years subsequent to competing in an international event for a different country. Qatar have since been successful in persuading a number of other athletes, particularly Kenyan athletes, to switch allegiances,Fellow Gulf State Bahrain has also been successful in persuading athletes to change nationality.

Kenyans going to Bahrain,
"the former Stephen Cherono was reported to have received up to $1 million to change his citizenship. Shaheen has denied this".
(IOC) President Jacques Rogge has also raised concerns about athletes moving between countries, stating that, "What is bad is countries or organizations wanting to buy athletes just for the money".

Merlene Ottey going to Slovenia

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I think that you compete in competitions that are non qualifying (you can't compete in competitions like nationals, and international competitions) but I think you can compete in the programs at the Ice rink in Singapore and at other ice rinks around there. It doesn't have to be certified by the Usfsa I don't think. Good luck figure skating rocks!

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