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Question:The cost of holding the Olympics in London in 2012 has now increased from its original estimate to 2.3 billion and is expected to increase to 8 billion and more money is going to be taken from the National Lottery to partly fund some of this.

I do not do the lottery as I see it as undisguised tax burden.

I also don't care about the Olympics either as I won't be attending, watching or even benefit from them in anyway.

Do you agree / disagree as to whether the shortfall should be partly funded this way or should the government look at other sources to get this additional cash?


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The politicians can always show how committed they are to the project and donate a sizeable amount of their income to it, say 10k a year. Not sure it would happen though

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ignoring the basic facts that this will promote British sports by having top venues built to above normal international spec,
Also ignoring that the UK will be put on the map by the international spectacle.
with sponsorships, TV deals, spectators the revenue made will in my opinion out way the expenditure.
Although it will never be fully quantified,
(I digress,) No I don't think the government should pay the short fall as that is what the Lottery said they would be for, worthy courses. If they can't pay out then they shouldn't have given the unworthy applicant the cash which we all read about in the tabloids and broadsheets.

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yap.. i agree with it, after all it is the lotteries' handling it then better.. so long as it can give the benefit of the doubt...

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