Can I compete in dressage bit less?


What are the differences between sports wrestling and wwe wrestling?

No. To compete you must have the correct bit for your Competition.
The list of required tack and turnout is very specific.
For instance:"The dressage horse is only permitted to be shown in a snaffle bit, and the rules regarding bitting vary from organization to organization. The loose-ring snaffle with a single- or double-joint is most commonly seen. Harsher snaffle bits, such as twisted wire, corkscrews, slow-twists, and waterfords are Not permitted, nor are pelhams, kimberwickes, or gag bits. Upper level and FEI dressage horses are shown in a double bridle, using both a bradoon and a curb bit with a smooth curb chain. "
Points are given and lost for appropriate turnout and equipment.

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hunter/jumper is where it's at. holla!

Has any one heard of kids speacial olympics?

No i believe you need to have the bit in.

How many events can an olympic athlete compete in?

i don't think you can compete without one but im not sure, never seen it done.

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