"celtic games"?

i need to know if celtic is a team'name or if it's the name of a geme and what is the game?


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Celtic regions are places where the Celts used to live, Celtic blood lines tend to be strong in these areas leading to lots of people with strong facial features and black hair.
Kilts, bagpipes and other such traditional Celtic items are normally still found in most Celtic regions.
Celtic Regions Include Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall (England), Brittany (France), Galicia (Spain) and Asturias (Spain).

There are several different traditional Celtic games although these are not really kept up at a professional sports level (accept arguably Gaelic football).

There is however a reasonably famous Scottish football (soccer if your American) team called Celtic which may well be what you are after.

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Celtic refers to the cultures of Scotland, Ireland and Wales

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There are Celtic games, hurling is a good one. A mix of hockey, lacrosse and soccer(football). Check out www.nhl.uk, national hurling league site has tons of info.
There are also Celtic games, much like the Highland Games, with dancing and bagpipe competitions, caber toss, catlle/sheep/dog shows etc.
There are also Celtic sports teams that play professional sports such as Glasgow in Scottish soccer(football) or Boston in basketball.

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Celtic is the name of a team..Glasgow celtic is a soccer team...celtic also refers to a background in scotland

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Just What are the Scottish Heavy Athletics? The origins of the very diverse Scottish Heavy Athletic event have been lost in the shadows of time but almost certainly date back to the very early Celtic peoples. Whenever tribes or clans gathered to barter or sell their goods or at festival times, informal contests of strength, agility and endurance between the men were also held. Being farmers as well as warriors, these athletic contests were based on similar activities utilizing the items at hand.

Clan chiefs would use these contests to select the best men for his men at arms and couriers. In ancient times, standing armies in the Celtic Nations were very rare, causing the defense of the country to fall upon warriors supplied by clans or tribes. To this end, King Malcolm III Canmore held the first organized highland games at Braemar in 1057. During the 1800's, Sir Walter Scott's novels sparked a revival of interest in things Scottish. New highland games were organized, with their emphasis shifted towards a purely sporting activity. In order to compete in these traditional events, every athlete is required to wear a kilt except for the novice first-time competitors.

The caber (Gaelic for tree or rafter) toss is probably the most well recognized event. It is also the only one in which the competitor is not striving for distance or height, but for accuracy. The objective of the caber toss is to stand the caber on end, pick it up, hold it steady in the vertical position for several seconds, then toss it end over end (known as turning) and have the end that was originally held come to rest pointing away from the thrower in as straight a line as possible. In a perfect throw, the held end will finish in a 12 o'clock position from the thrower who is at the 6 o'clock position. A perfect score of 12 o'clock is noted by the judge when he clasps or raises his hands above his head.
Competition cabers range between 15 and 20 feet in length and generally weigh from 70 to 130 pounds. Games have several cabers of differing lengths and weights, which must be successfully turned by the competitor before he can move on to the next size.

The weight throws for distance use three weights: 28, 42 and 56 pounds. The distance throws are measured from the back of the "trig", a wooden toeboard which the athlete may not cross. When the weights are thrown for distance, the athlete spins in a fashion similar to a discus thrower before releasing the weight. The weights themselves are blocks of stone or cylinders of metal with a handle attached. In the weight toss for height competitors use a 42 and 56 pound implement and is measured by a crossbar similar to the kind used for the high jump. Throwing the weight for height involves the athlete standing with his back towards the crossbar, swinging the weight between his legs and heaving it backwards and up over the bar. The bar is raised after each round until only one competitor is left.

Originally the stone throw was know as the "Manhood" stone because a boy had to throw the stone a designated distance in order to become a man. Traditionally a stone is picked out of a local river for each competition. There are two stone throw competitions, The Braemar style and the open style. The challenge of the Braemar style is that the stone weighs 23+ lbs. and must be thrown from a standing position. The open style of putting the stone is similar to the Olympic Shot Put, except that a smooth rounded stone weighing over 17 lb. is used. The athlete is allowed a 7'6" run up before releasing the stone. Every competitor is given three attempts at each weight and/or height and the best try is counted.

The sheaf toss uses a taller crossbar similar to the one used for the pole vault. The sheaf is a burlap bag stuffed with straw or similar filling material weighing 16 and 20 pounds. The sheaf is tossed over the crossbar using either a 2 or 3 tined pitchfork. The crossbar is raised after each round of attempts until only one competitor remains.

The Scottish hammer toss is similar to the Olympic hammer, but has a flexible wooden or PVC handle instead of a chain. The hammers are 16 and 22 pounds. Competitors stand with their back to the trig and whirl the hammer is a wide circle, releasing it behind them, over their shoulder.:-)

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