Question:My brother does martial arts and all that stuff, but it's bugging him that he can't do a back-flip. He's afraid of falling on his head and killing him self, Lol.

Do you have any hint's that he can use to get ready for it? Or is there something online that can show him how to do it?

Thank you.



He shoudl try taking a gymnastics class...that would give him access to a trampoline, a spotter and soft foam pits to try it on first.(also it owuld help improve general flexability which is a big plus in martial arts)

The key to a backflip that most people dont realize is that you arent really trying to go backwards. In a good backflip you go up and land almost in the same spot. You want to do a good jump straight up and try not to jump backwards (this is called setting).

Also you dont want to bring your head to your knees when you start your flip this makes you lean foward which is the wrong direction and it will slow down your flip(you wont make it all the way around) What you want to do is bring your knees to your head, that will get your body rotating in the right direction. So jump and set high and straight up then bring your knees up towards your head and grab behind your knees.

Also remember if he is scared he will hesitate when he goes to flip, if he does that he will stop half way through and could really hurt himself. I did that once (hesitated in the middle of a back flip) and ended up breaking my foot and almost landed on my head...getting trained people to help you is key. Good luck!

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wear a helmet

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try a trampoline first. that's a start. backflipping is all about the legs. once he gets used to the trampoline, the transition will be easier.

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he can practice on soft mats, with someone spotting him, that's how i learned 2 do a backflip! he could try bending back until his hands reach the floor (a bridge) that was he can see where the floor is, and to see that he can do that w/o hurting hisself! good luck! ; )

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get a spotter

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