2012 Olympics-White Elephant?

Question:Does anyone else feel that the 2012 Olymics is just going to be a showcase for how incompetent the UK is on getting large projects finished on budget, on time and to a good standard? Spinnaker Tower (Portsmouth), Millenium Dome, Wembley...the list goes on and on.
I'd rather we spent the money on updating and replacing sports facilities nationally and then when some other country hosts the Olympics, we can go there and clean up ,and still retain Britains reputation of being great...by 2013, the rest of world is going to have a very clear illustration of what a useless bunch of tossers run this country!
Alternatively, this money would be far better spent on our crumbling health service.Who really gives a toss that someone can run, jump or throw something further than the next person anyway? I grew out of being impressed by that when i left school!!


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I totally agree and I would strongly object to having to pay for it in my Council tax if I lived in London.

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agree with everything...but it is in London so that makes it OK...for Londoners anyway.

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there are a lot of Londoners who think it should not be here.because we are already paying for it.and we are going to pay much more.and i think it will be a white elephant.and Londoners will have keep pay for the up keep of the stadium when the Olympics are over.

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Spend the money where it's needed and not rubbish.!

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What you dont realise is half the money is going into the sport, as an up and coming athlete i see the lack of funding in the sport first hand. The grants are only given to those who are top 3 in their event thats not supporting the up and coming talent is it and if you dont like the way the countries run then why are you still here? Using the NHS and all the other goverment funded facilities. The end

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