In the 2006 Winter Olympics, who or what is the “Skeleton”?


What does the five rings on the Olympic symbol mean?

Think luge on your stomach and you have the idea.

Why can professional hockey players play in the Olympics? Isn't it supposed to be only for amatuers?

Skeleton races are individually timed, with the participant lying flat on a sled and hurtling down the track face-first at speeds of up to 135 km/h (85 mph). A competitor who attempts to slow down during the race is disqualified.

What is the Olympic creed?

luge head first on your stomach down a bobsled track

Does anyone have a child who is participating in the AAU Jr Olympics next week in Norfolk Va.?

skeleton is an event which was there at the Winter Olympics between 1924 and 1948 and was reintroduced recently in the Olympic programme. It's done on an ice channel like bobsleigh and luge, but the object is very simple, without mechanic intricacies. It simply follows the shape of the competitor's body (hence the name). It is governed by the International Bobleigh&Toboganning Federation. You can check out their website:

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