Can u give me some facts?...?

Question:I nedd at least 10 facts about Figure skating!

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Figure skating is a sport that requires a lot of skill. It is very graceful and requires lots of balance. Figure skaters actually used to skate figures, and judges would actually walk on the ice.
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#1----- buy ice skates.

Do u think a girl whould be hot if she is in these sports hockey swimming and synchronized swimming?

#2 You will need warm clothes

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Here you go, you can pick the ones you like.

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You need a skating ring

Why do athelets run only towards left side of the track?

-u hevta wear skates
- it can look beautiful
- u can only do it in the ice rink
- sometimes done with a partner
- sometimes done to music
- some people take figure skating lessons
- people usually wear leotards
- it's a great exercise
- im really bad at it
- they do it in the Olympics (i think...)

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1. Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, mixed couples, or groups perform spins, jumps, and other moves on ice, often to music.
2. Figure skaters compete in multiple levels, from novice to elite, and at national and international competitions.
3. International Skating Union (ISU) regulates figure skating judging and competitions.
4. Figure skating is an official event in the Winter Olympic Games.
5. In languages other than English, figure skating is usually referred to by a name that translates as "artistic skating".
6. Major competitions generally include exhibitions at the end in which the top-placing skaters perform for the crowd.
7. Single competition for men and women (who are referred to as "ladies" in ISU rulebooks), wherein skaters perform jumps, spins, step sequences, and other elements in their programs.
8. Pair skating and ice dancing teams consist of a woman and a man.
9. Toe jumps are launched by tapping the toe pick of one skate into the ice, and include (in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest).
- Toe loops take off from the back outside edge of the right foot and are launched by the left toe pick (toe walleys are similar, but take off from the back inside edge of the right foot);
- Flips, which take off from the back inside edge of the left foot and are launched by the right toe pick;
- Lutzes, which take off from the back outside edge of the left foot and are launched by the right toe pick.
10. Edge jumps use no toe assist, and include:
- Salchows, which take off from a left back inside edge. Swinging the opposite leg around helps launch the jump;
- Loops (also known as Rittberger jumps) take off from a right back outside edge and land on the same edge;
- Axels, which are the only rotating jump to take off from a forward edge (the left outside edge). Because they take off from a forward edge, they include one-half extra rotations and are usually considered the hardest jump of the six. The similar jump with only half a rotation is called a waltz jump and is typically the first jump a skater learns.
11. The number of rotations performed in the air for each jump determines whether the jump is a single, double, triple, or quad.
12. The various turns which skaters can incorporate into step sequences include:
- Three turns, so called because the blade turns into the curve of the edge or lobe to leave a tracing resembling the numeral "3".
- Bracket turns, in which the blade is turned counter to the curve of the lobe, making a tracing resembling a bracket ("}").
- Rockers and counters, one-foot turns that involve a change of lobe as well as of direction.
- Mohawks, the two-foot equivalents of three turns and brackets.
- Choctaws, the two-foot equivalents of rockers and counters.
- Twizzles, travelling multi-rotation turns on one foot

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