A martial arts question?why do so many ppl say things like?

Question:i would or want to beat up my sensei or ppl say i would take your sensei or beat him up or whatever?are they just blowing their own trumpet or dont they know what martial arts is about?Or have they had bad experiences with make believe MA instructors?they obviously dont know what the word respect means.
ive had many students(and peers) over the years and never came across even one that had the desire to try and beat me up.Or even intenionly harm me in any way.and i'm sure i'm not the only one.


A question for true martial artist.?

There are a lot of people teaching "Martial Arts" who shouldn't be. Many of them are just thugs & they teach their students to be thugs. I wish there were some way to prevent these people from teaching or at least from calling what they teach a Martial Art. It makes legitimate Martial Artists look bad.

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yes u r but ok.

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Because they have to honor or respect for the blood and sweat that goes into the development of a true martial artist. Individuals like that take martial arts as a fighting method, not a way of life.

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It could be that they don't like the fighting style there is a lot of people out there don't like some of the style or they have time learning.

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I too have noticed many individuals who seem to be focused on learning to fight, without realizing that MA is more than just hand to hand combat.

It seems that there has been and always will be a certain element of students who will take a quick and easy path of training, in order to placate their own ego as to being the biggest, toughest street thug.

I often feel sorry for the individuals who cannot learn that "violence is the last refuge of the incompetant" (Aasimov). The true lesson of martial arts is wisdom, and with that, the ethical understanding of mutual prosperity. This is why, as instructors, it is our responsibility to instill this in our students.

I cannot speak for the practices of other instructors, and certainly do not wish to badmouth anyone else's teaching practices. I can only speak to the necessity to properly influence students that I teach, and can hopefully guide people on a better path. I would hope that other teachers follow the same practice.

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I think those that would make statements about other peoples teachers and styles lack structure in their own lives . I agree , no respect .

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One of the problems I find is that martial arts sometimes attracts undesirables as it is violent in nature. Usually these people do not stick around. They lack dedication, they seem to float from school to school. I think these are the people who usually shoot their mouth off.

I have met some real "characters" in the arts, but they are far outweighed by the decent people I have also met.

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